Want to get into top product based companies ?

Tech Interviews are hard! Prepare with India's best Live Interview Preparation Bootcamp. We will make sure that you crack your next coding interview!

Expected CTC of 12 - 20 LPA

Placement in top tech product-based companies

Duration: 16 Weeks

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Our Students Work With

Meet Your Instructor

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    Pratik Singhal
    Ex SDE @ Amazon

    Pratik will improve your problem solving skills to such a level that cracking interviews will become super easy! Do connect with him on Linkedin 

Crack any coding round with us!

  • Small Batch Size

    Only 20 students per batch for extra attention over each student

  • Live Instructor Led Classes

    All our classes are live and instructor-led over weekends for better learning. 

  • Interactive Study Material

    Get access to interactive study material , practice problems and recordings along with live classes

  • Top Instructors

    All our instructors are working at top companies and have experience of training over 1000 students over the past few years.

  • Daily doubt resolution

    Dedicated doubt resolution sessions held daily.

  • Weekly Tests & Assignments

    Weekly tests and assignments to improve practice.

What will you learn in this bootcamp ?

The bootcamp is divided into two phases as given below

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you teach from scratch in the bootcamp ?

    Yes, we teach from scratch in the Bootcamp. We will start from fundamental topics like Big-O Notation, Time complexity analysis, sorting etc.

  • Do you provide placement support at the end of bootcamp ?

    Yes, placement support/referrals is provided at the end of the bootcamp.

  • How do I clarify any doubts ?


    You can clarify the doubts in two ways :

    1. Since all our classes are live you can clarify the doubt within the class itself.

    2. We hold daily 1 hour doubt session, you can also clarify your doubts there.

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